AUSTRALIA – How to easily Invest in CRYPTO

Best App for Crypto Trading in Australia


Coinspot : Coinspot is one of the best choices of crypto exchange for Aussies. It is the best platform to trade crypto for Australians and yes I said it, it’s the best platform hands down for a number of reasons. Coinspot already has over 1 million Australian users and it’s the safest and easiest platform to buy crypto. The good thing about the Coinspot is that you can find almost any coin on this platform. Coinspot trades in over 300+ coins including the much-hyped ones like dogecoin and Shibu INU.

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  1. Lowest Fees – Coinspot only charge 1% trading fess which is the lowest.
  2. Variety – Coinspot gives the largest number of coins options to trade. Coinspot has from big guns like Bitcoins, etherium to speculative coins such as Dodge coin and Shibu INU. There so many coins that most of the coins you wouldn’t even know that existed.
  1. Prices in AUD – Coinspot is Australian base company and mainly trade in Australia. It shows the prices in AUD which is in my opinion helps in decision making.
  2. User Friendly – Coinspot has a usefriendly interface which makes it very easy for a user to navigate – It has wallet so you can keep the coins, transfer it, buy a coin from coin and also sell it and take the money out
  3. Secured and trusted –  Coinspot is more secured and trusted exchange of Australia.


  1. Supported Currency – The only downside, which is not big of deal for Australians is that Coinspot only support AUD and no other currency

Coinbase : Coinbase is a US-based and well-known company and also listed in the US stock market. It’s a reliable and safe option. It has a big number of users and ever-growing company as well.

For our readers:

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  1. Insurance against hack – Coinbase provide insurance against the cyber security hacks.
  2. Easy to use interface – Coinbase has a easy and improved interface for its users.


  1. High Transaction Fees: This is the biggest disadvantage of using Coinbase. Coinbase charge 4.49% of transaction fees which is very high.
  2. No Sale in Australia – You cannot sell crypto in Australia if you use coinbase exchange
  3. Limited Deposit Option – Unlike Coinspot, Coinbase only support Debit card as the fund deposit method
CurrencyAUD10+ Currencies
Deposit Limit$100k$375/Wk
Deposite Method  
Direct DepositYESNO
Debit CardNOYES
Credit CardYESNO




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