Tech products you must-have for home office part #1

Top Tech Products for Home Office

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Since Covid-19 hit the World, it drastically changed the people’s lives. Along with changing lives, it also laid a huge impact on working culture by replacing offices with homes i.e., working online.
In order to continue the business, multinationals to small local companies started maintaining their workflows online by digitizing their offices which expanded the concept of work from home or working online.


Working from home may provide flexibility, relaxation, and comfort but at the same time, it is highly noticed that it reduces productivity and somehow affect our mental growth. While, we have been living in the 21st century, which means that we might think of every solution with technology which we have been doing since Covid19.

Here is the list of the top 5 tech products which are used globally to increase efficiency in home offices:

1. 11 IN 1 Docking Station


As USB C is adapting widely and has been universally used in almost every electronic gadget. But it might reduce the portability or connecting most of the gadgets/devices together. Hence, we have got this dock, which has 11 output ports so that there is nothing left to worry about.


USB C Docking Station Triple Monitor, 11 in 1 USB C to Dual HDMI Adapter VGA Gigabit Ethernet 100W PD 4USB Ports, USB C Hub Thunderbolt Dock Compatible for MacBook and Other USBC Laptops

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It has two HDMI 4K Cable ports for you to connect extra screens to your setup. One or two screens setup is essential if you have so much data to deal with. Here is my recommendation for you for the best screen with good reviews:


As wide screens enable us to visualize more than a single laptop, It’s quite important to use screens especially when you are at the workplace as it reduces our efforts and increases attention.

DELL S2721H 27 Inch Full HD 1080p, AMD FreeSync IPS Ultra-Thin Bezel Monitor, Built-in Speakers, Silver, Black

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Though we don’t use LAN nowadays, sometimes it’s quite important to have such an option as it can increase the internet speed which is essential for us i.e. every second counts when you’re on PC. This amazing device has a simple LAN connection port.


We are rapidly moving to USB C, but we still have got a lot of devices with USB A ports, such as mouse, keyboards, USB flash drives. This device provides 4 USB A ports, the good thing, all 4 can be used at once.


Wireless keyboards and mouse are widely used to provide a professional workspace and increase comfortability. However, it attracts me to use a wireless keyboard with my laptop as well. It just increase my productivity overall.

Microsoft PT3-00027 Wireless Desktop 900 USB Port Eng Intl Row Hdwr

This Microsoft wireless black keyboard and mouse are the best product to buy, as it seems to be cheaper as compared to others in the market, along with that its usage is quite simple and quite with soft-touch buttons which make it more worth to buy.

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Most devices are using USB C to charge. This device provides a USB C itself, which simply helps to stay charged while associating any device. Simply, one device all solutions. Just connect this dock, and forget the rest of your laptop’s ports.

Design and Usage reviews:

This dock has a beautiful design with dark silver color. A suiting smart-looking device is a smart hub as well.
Its usage is simply awesome, like it once you connect anything, it detects automatically and pops a notification to your pc/laptop. The more important thing which I noticed is it doesn’t get heat up while connecting any number of devices which is yet the best thing ever.

2. Wireless charger

Nowadays even if we are using PCs still we need to stay connected to our smartphones i.e. sometimes for security (getting codes), and sometimes for browsing and communicating.
Smartphones are essential though their batteries as well. Therefore, a smart wireless charger is essential to keep with you while working or doing any usual task.

Samsung Wireless Charger Fast Charge Pad Duo (2021), Universally Compatible with Qi Enabled Phones, and Select Samsung Watches (US Version), Black

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The Samsung charging dock is the fastest wireless charger available in the market. You can charge your phone and watch or earbuds simultaneously or you can use the small dock for your second phone too and it will give the same energy output.
Isn’t it interesting to watch your workplace fully loaded without any wires? If yes, go ahead!

3. Wireless headphones

While you are working at home, there must be someone in the lounge to whom you don’t want to aware of what you’re listening to, sometimes to pretend you’re busy 😛
Well, Wireless headphones and earbuds are the best techs you need to have in your home office

There is only one king in the headphone market right now and it’s sony. Sony has the high-class sound quality and active noise cancellation both for your headphones and earbuds and it takes a second to connect to these Bluetooth devices

Sony WH1000XM4 Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones with Alexa Voice Control, Up to 30 hours battery life, Black

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It can not only make your concentration on tasks but will give you an insight into of perfect workplace experience.

Sony WFXB700 In-ear Truly Wireless Headphones with EXTRA BASS, Black

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It’s indeed a compulsory comment on its battery “the best durable battery which charges quicker and lasts longer”


Sometimes, it’s not about what’s necessary but what looks cool. Having a smart high-tech lamp can provide you a luxury feel while at your workplace i.e. home-based.
This stunning lamp will make you feel good with its sharp surrounded cool lighting.
This unique piece also helps you to work at night without disturbing others.

LED Desk Lamp with Clamp, Adjustable Swing Arm lamp,10W Dimmable Light, 3 Color Modes, Eye-Care Table Lamps for Office, Task, Study, Workbench, Reading, Work, Drafting

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5. Virtual Assistant

You might have heard about this smart Google home device earlier. But it does more than we think after its latest upgrades.

Google Nest Hub (Charcoal) – AU/NZ Model

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Google Nest Mini (Sky Blue) – AU/NZ Model

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As from the name i.e. Google home, it creates a good quality and trustworthy impact for this device.
This smart device simply makes you feel digitalized by doing your simple tasks over voice. Such as asking it to do a task, for example, searching keywords from the Google search engine.
This smart device has a smart look as well, which helps you be smarter sometimes :P.

All the above-mentioned devices have been thoroughly used and researched out. These devices can lay a huge impact on your home workspace by providing you smooth, neat, and clean office space.


These recommended products links are affiliated links that may provide commissions to the author if you buy from these links. These are only recommendations and your own research is advised.



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