PUBG: New State release date,trailers and new features

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In 2021, PUBG: New State is one of the most anticipated mobile games. The game’s aesthetics have been completely overhauled, and a new arsenal has been added without sacrificing the core PUBG Mobile experience. To be the first to download and play PUBG: New State, players can join up for pre-registration on Google Play Store and App App Store.

Fans have been exploring for alternatives to their favourite battle royale game since PUBG: Mobile was banned. Although Battlegrounds Mobile India, or BGMI in short, has taken the position of PUBG: Mobile in India, many fans are eagerly anticipating PUBG: New State. The game has already surpassed 50 million pre-registrations, according to the developer.


Krafton began the first round of pre-registration on February 25, 2021. According to Krafton, more than 50 million people have pre-registered for PUBG: New State and are looking forward to the game’s launch.

 Krafton announced the game’s official release date as well as some critical details regarding the game’s features. PUBG: New State is set in a futuristic world where the economy is declining, the population is divided into divisions, and players must struggle for survival, according to the sources. On November 11th, 2021, the game will be released. Krafton also posted the game’s official video trailer on the PUBG: New State YouTube channel, along with the release date.


PUBG: NEW STATE Launch Trailer

D-7 (Erangel & TDM) | PUBG: NEW STATE


The game is ready to provide gamers first-hand action and those who signed up for pre-registration will be the first to play.

PUBG: New State is set in the year 2051 and incorporates futuristic weapons, cars, clothing, and other items. The level TROI, which is a dystopian-style city loaded with all kinds of secrets and mysterious themes, is one of the game’s main attractions. Pre-register today to be one of the million people who will put their skills to the test in TROI.

PUBG: New State: top features

Krafton included a slew of new features and technology in this next-gen mobile game to make it the best it can be. In terms of the final set of testing, the South Korean gaming business plans to apply anti-cheat technologies as well as a final test on October 29th and 30th. The game will be available in 200 countries, and those who requested for pre-registration may receive in-game incentives when they download it. Here is a list of features to look forward to in the new PUBG: New State mobile game.


Enhanced gameplay and mechanics

PUBG: New State’s Creative Director, Daehun Kim, revealed the game’s new mechanism during the game’s online showcase. According to him, PUBG: New State seeks to push the boundaries of mobile gaming with novel gameplay that includes weapon customization, a drone market, and a new player recruitment mechanism. There will be four new maps in PUBG: New State, including the new map Troi, the iconic Erangel, and others. Minkyu Park, the game’s Executive Producer, spoke about how PUBG: NEW STATE will define the next generation of battle royale games during the event. According to him, PUBG: New State would use cutting-edge graphics technology on par with other games.

State-of-the-art Global Illumination technology

PUBG: NEW STATE makes use of Illumination technology to create ultra-realistic graphics that go beyond what has previously been achievable in mobile gaming. PUBG: NEW STATE will be able to accomplish a level of gaming that has never been seen before in battle royale games as a result of this. PUBG: NEW STATE will determine the norms for the next generation of battle royale games, despite the fact that PUBG: Mobile was one of the first few titles to set the benchmark for the mobile battle royale genre.


Weapon customization and Drone Store

The classic PUBG vehicle, firearms, and other in-game goods are all included in PUBG: NEW STATE. However, it also adds some unique features to the game, such as new weapon customisation, new vehicles, and a unique concept known as the Drone Store. PUBG: New State will provide various unusual modes of transportation, as predicted from the new map Troi. This features the new Volta electric automobile, the new Vulture two-wheeler, and the traditional Tram. Aside from that, there will be a Drone Shop in the game. A one-of-a-kind in-game shop where you may purchase products from within the game and have them delivered to you by drones afterwards. The Customization Kit will also allow players to modify their weaponry.


New maps, challenges and rewards

The year 2051 is the setting for PUBG: New State. You’ll find a variety of futuristic weapons, challenges, and rewards inside the game. There will be several fascinating difficulties in the game, as well as a reward system. All of action will take place on the freshly constructed map Troid. PUBG Mobile and BGMI’s Erangel use the same 8x8km map. What sets this map distinct from the rest, though, is the list of new features found only in PUBG: New State. Drone calls, help requests, and a lot more are among the features not mentioned in the latest PUBG: New State movie teaser. All users who applied for pre-registration will also receive a free Limited Vehicle Skin.


Strong Anti-Cheat Measures for fair-play

Krafton, as a next-gen battle royale game, strives to give all players with a level playing field. PUBG: New State will establish a safe atmosphere for all honest players by employing anti-cheat measures. Sangwan Kim of PUBG Studios, the game’s Head of the Anti-cheat Unit, stated in the game’s online showcase that Krafton will not tolerate any cheats, unlicensed applications, keyboards, mice, or accessories. To prevent hacking and fraud in the game, the Anti-cheat Unit will keep track of all participants. The same community reporting will be present in PUBG: New State, with community leaders reviewing and analysing player input during matches.


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