Employee blows up oil warehouse because she was upset with her boss

Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

She was fed up with her ‘complaining’ boss, a disgruntled Thai worker blew up an oil warehouse. Ann Sriya (38) allegedly set a piece of paper on fire and threw it on a fuel container, causing a fire that engulfed the Prapakorn Oil warehouse in Nakhon Pathom province, according to the reports. She confessed to arson after being arrested and said she couldn’t bear the stress her supervisor, Pipat Ungprapakorn (65), put her through.


She was seen entering the warehouse with what appeared to be a burning piece of paper in her hand, according to CCTV footage. Flames flicker on top of a container in the single-story warehouse, which stores thousands of gallons of oil tanks, according to camera footage provided by Dail Mail.


Because of the flammable material in the tanks, the fire spread quickly, incurring losses of £900,000 (Rs 9,04,46,378). The fire also destroyed eleven homes, according to reports. For four hours, more than 40 fire engines worked together to put out the fire. The firefighters were dispatched to prevent the blazing oil from spilling into a canal and contaminating a nearby residential area.


Major General Chomchawin Purthananon indicated in the report that this is the second time a fire has erupted from this factory. Prapakorn Oil has employed the woman for the past nine years. He claimed that the accused claimed that her boss was constantly complaining to her and causing her stress, and that she did not expect the fire she started to cause so much damage.


Thankfully, no one was hurt. An arm of a villagers was burned, and she was taken to the hospital. Massive fireballs and black smoke can be seen rising from the warehouse in photos taken during the incident.

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